Our Mission


We aim to participate in and contribute to meeting the challenges facing India and the region in the twenty-first century. In this endeavour we would like to review the ideals and vision of Subhas Chandra Bose and his struggle for freedom for his people from political, social and economic bondage. We seek to promote his ideas and strategies which saw free and independent India as a strong, vibrant and secular state, with equality of opportunity and the benefits of scientific progress and economic prosperity shared by all; a nation free from the divisions of caste, religion and parochialism, and free from the evils of poverty, disease and illiteracy; a new world where the fundamental freedoms and rights of all are guaranteed and respected.


• To establish a network of committed individuals, groups and organisations in the United Kingdom, India and beyond, sharing a common global vision based on a pragmatic ideology.

• To promote understanding, analyses and appreciation of the contemporary relevance of the political and economic ideas of Bose through public discussion and debate.

• To disseminate accurate information regarding Bose and his role in the Indian independence struggle by making widely available his own writings, historical records, relevant print and audio-visual materials.

• To encourage and support efforts aimed at eradicating discrimination based on caste, religion and gender; and to support the development process in India in all appropriate ways which contribute to a just, tolerant and prosperous society.

23 January 2000

Little Orchard
63 Hampstead Lane
Potten End, Berkhamstead