The Netaji Subhas Foundation (NSF) was founded on 23 January 2000. The principal aim is to establish a network of committed individuals, groups and organisations in the United Kingdom, India and beyond, sharing a common vision based on Subhas Bose’s pragmatic ideology. It also seeks to interact and to co-ordinate efforts with other existing groups and organisations concerned with the history and the future development of the sub-continent.


The Steering Group of the organisation consists of the following persons;

Madhuri Bose, Avinash Mhatre, Sangeeta Ghosh, Sanat Mukerjee, Mark Sen and

Suhas Khale (Convenor).

Netaji Subhash Foundation (NSF)
1, Bernadin Way, Buckingham MIK18 1BF
Phone: 0208 886 0274;
E-mail: suhas@khale.co.uk